Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Toolbox Tuesday - The Chisel

The Chisel 

         The chisel is a tool that was used for the carving or cutting of a hard material such as wood, stone or metal. It could either be used manually or by striking the end with a mallet to drive it into the material.  The chisels currently in our barn collection are made out of a combination of metal and wood. The handle of the chisels are usually wood with a metal blade. There are many different types of chisels that can be very difficult to categorize. The firmer to forming chisel was an all purpose chisel and was a basic chisel design. One special use for the forming chisel was to remove the rest of the wood to form a mortise after auger holes were drilled into the wood. The framing chisel is a heavier version of the forming chisel and it was largely used to cut tenons to fit the mortises. Both of these types of chisels were often wood handled and were designed to be struck with a mallet. Another version of chisel is the mortise chisel and its one purpose was in created mortises. This chisel was used without drilling auger holes, it cut directly. This chisel was almost square in shape. The final chisel was called the slick, also known as the paring chisel, was designed not for striking but to be used with two hands. A slick was characterized by having a slight curve toward the bevel side, if no curve is evident than it is a framing chisel. 

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                                                                          See our antique chisels's and other farm implements that have been featured in our Toolbox Tuesdays.   

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