Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Christmas Dinner of the 1850's

Every year the Tyrconnell Heritage Society hosts a genuine Talbot Settlement Christmas dinner. The meal comes complete with all the trimmings that could have graced the table of the Backus-Page House when it was still known as Lakeview and the Backus family celebrated the holiday together on the shores of Lake Erie. This year's dinner is to be held on Saturday December 6th. You can't reserve a space at this festive repast (served within the museum proper). You can, though, purchase a raffle ticket that might win you and your guest(s) the chance to experience this unique event. Tickets are now available so call the Carriage House office at 519-762-3072 for more information or to get yours today.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Heritage Farm Show

The Tyrconnell Heritage Society celebrated the proud history of our agricultural beginnings with its annual Heritage Farm Show on Labour Day Weekend. Demonstrations included a steam engine, milk separating, threshing, baling, buzz sawing and working farm horses plowing and harrowing. There were wagon rides and a barrel train, BBQ and a bean pot, local produce for sale, banjo tunes, and singing and spoon playing. Sunday service followed the pancake breakfast and each day's events were wrapped up with a candy scavenger hunt in the straw for kids before the baler started to tidy things up.

It takes a lot of man hours and dedication to run this event and the weekend would never happen without the generosity of local businesses that sponsor some of our participants as well as numerous volunteers, Tyrconnell Heritage Society members and presenters who come for the entire weekend simply out of a love for agriculture and heritage machinery.

This year's show was a great success and everyone is looking forward to next year's!

Join us on Labour Day weekend 2009 and discover what's new in antique machinery at the annual Heritage Farm Show on the grounds of the Backus-Page House on the Lake Erie shoreline.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

An Evening of Dinner and Music

Love is in the air....

The grounds of the Backus-Page House and the backdrop of the spectacular John E. Pearce Provincial Park played a part in hosting three weddings this summer. The Tyrconnell Heritage Society wishes all the best to the happy couples now and in the years to come!


Love like a rose blooms.....

Pioneer Day Camp

Pioneer Day Camp is a great opportunity for children to learn about life in the early years of the Talbot Settlement, meet new friends and enjoy the beauty of the Backus-Page House and the John E. Pearce Provincial Park. Our summer students, who traditionally plan and supervise the camp, worked hard over the two-one week sessions. Every day was full of adventure and fun. The long sunny days were spent exploring pioneer life and the wonder of the landscape in old Tyrconnell along the shoreline of Lake Erie.

Volunteers from the Tyrconnell Heritage Society were happy to provide a first hand look at the local woodland inhabitants, historical culinary practices and the skills necessary to forge a life along Colonel Talbot's corduroy road. Campers were encouraged to explore their creative side with special crafts planned for each week's session. Activities took advantage of our surroundings with found objects used to make quaint souvenirs. An afternoon spent in the traditional art of tombstone rubbing resulted in unique and timeless images that will bring back wonderful memories for years to come. The weekly family BBQ was a great time for parents to share in the camp's activities with a wrap up slide show of digital photos taken daily throughout the each session.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Canada Parks Weekend

Saturday was rainy but Sunday dawned fine and Canada Parks Weekend was enjoyed by all at the Backus-Page House and the grounds of the John E. Pearce Provincial Park.

Relive the Talbot Settlement Day

The past and the present meet in old Tyrconnell