Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dec. 1, 2012 Christmas Dinner

The annual Christmas Feast in the Backus-Page House Museum was held December 1, with 15 people enjoying a fantastic meal.  Carollers from Treble Makers Choir, trumpeters and singers from West Elgin Secondary School, and Jeff Booth as Colonel McQueen stopped by to entertain during the evening.  President, Patrick Mooney and Board Director, Susan Chapman-Reinke hosted our guests as Andrew and Mary Jane Backus. 

One favourite course was the Mullagawtawnay Soup (recipe below).  Applause is due our cooks and assistants, Carol Mooney, Ken Reinke, and John and Norah Bennetto.  This dinner could not have run smoothly without servers Natascha B-Mooney, Amy Shaw, Hannah Miles, Kelsey Fratcher and our dishwashers Zack Vandenberk, Emily Joicus, and Fred and Cheryl Miles.  Tickets for December 7, 2013 go on sale in January at
or 519-762-3072

Cut four onions, one carrot, two turnips and one head of celery into three quarts of liquor in which one or two fowls have been boiled; keep it over a brisk fire till it boils, then place it on a corner of the fire and let it simmer twenty minutes.  Add one tablespoon of currie powder and one tablespoon of flour; mix the whole well together and let it boil three minutes; pass it through a colander.  Serve with pieces of roast chicken in it.  Add boiled rice in a separate dish.  It must be of good yellow color and not too thick.  Half veal and half chicken will answer.