Monday, August 25, 2014

Media Mondays

Happy Monday!
This Monday I am going to give you a sneak peek into some of the short videos we have been collecting all summer for our tablet tours here at the museum. We have been picking objects and areas of the museum that we are questioned on constantly. These areas include: the garden, the parlour, antique toys, quill writing... and the list goes on. Therefore, our staff this summer have all contributed ideas towards videos we should make and add to our tablets for visitors to access when they come for a tour. These videos allow visitors to learn something extra about specific rooms, objects or areas of the museum and grounds that they may be interested in. By creating these videos we are actually able to demonstrate how things are done or what certain things were used for without over-handling our artefacts. Some were very fun to make, having a variety of bloopers to precede the actual video! Below are two videos we recently created to showcase the garden and quill writing! These are just two of the many videos we have created - so come out to the museum to see the rest!
The Garden Video
Quill Writing

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