Saturday, August 23, 2014

Service Saturday- Betty Ann Bobier

This weeks Service Saturday features Betty Ann Bobier from West Lorne. Betty Ann got involved with the Backus-Page House Museum through her daughter-in-law, Angela. She has been volunteering with the museum for about 3-4 years. Betty Ann helps out with any task needed. She does a lot of quilting and cleaning for the museum. Some of the events that Betty Ann has volunteered at include, the farm show, War of 1812 as well as selling tickets as a fundraiser. Betty Ann likes the history involved with the Backus-Page House Museum. She especially likes the house. Betty Ann says she could live in the house because she enjoys the peacefulness of the life style that the Backus family would have experienced. 

Thank you Betty Ann for all of your hard work! It is truly appreciated!  

Betty Ann at the Fermentation Workshop
Backus-Page House Museum

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