Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Catching Up With Catie!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

This past week at the museum, we had a special guest come and walk through the house, sharing interesting information with us.  A friend of Kelsey’s, Julie, has the special gift of feeling the energies and activities of those who are no longer with us.  As she walked through our beautiful farm house, she felt a number of presences, however we do not know if they were former residents of the home or perhaps have found their way to us attached to the items that have been donated to us.  We are also having a group go through the house later this month to track the activity out here.  So neat to hear about those others who call the museum home at the moment.

Our day camp is next week and so Kelsey and I have started doing more preparatory measures so that we are ready to go.  Yesterday we tried making taffy and though it tasted good, we are going to try again today for a better result, as we cooked it too long the first time.  This week will also be filled with Kelsey and I making  craft exemplars and trial and error craft sessions. 

Last night, Kelsey, Sarah and I also attended a meeting of the Antique Club in St. Thomas at the Military Museum.  The topic of the evening was measurement.  Though the math of it all confused us at times, we learned quite a lot about how certain measurements came to be and about a number of tools that are or were used to measure clothing, feet, lobsters, etc.  Very informative!

The last topic of today is our watermelon progress.  It has gotten even bigger!  It is about the size of a standard ruler and I will be laying the ruler next to it from now on to show its progress, because it is easier to see the transformation in photos with something to gauge it with J  Our watermelon plants are growing so well that the fines have found their way our of the garden, under the fence.  Also we have corn in the back!  Not only do we have one stalk, which is what we all wanted, we have many!  I hope everyone has a great week.  Take care,


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