Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Toolbox Tuesday - Drawknife


First called a "drawing knife" because you drew it toward you. It consisted of a blade with handles on each end at a 90 degree angle to the blade.  This tool was used to taper the sides of shingles, to rough-size the edges of the floor boards and rough-trim paneling before planning them. The draw knife is also used to fashion axe, rake and other tool handles, stool legs, ox yokes, and wheel spokes. The final finishing on most drawknife work was done with a chamfer knife. The drawknife was a popular tool back in the day.

Curved drawknife                      
Come out to the Heritage Farm Show at the
Backus-Page House Museum September 13th and 14th to see our antique drawknife and other farm implements featured on our Toolbox Tuesday blog posts 

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