Saturday, July 15, 2017

Saturday Sightings - You Should Have Been Here!

Saturday Sightings - You Should Have Been Here!
What’s up Canada!  It’s me again, Ben the MNR guy at Backus Page House Museum.  I’m here to give you your weekly Saturday Sightings.  This week has been a very fun and eventful week for the staff at Backus-Page House Museum. 

We here at Backus-Page House Museum have put up a chicken wire fence around the house garden.  This fence was meant to stop bunnies from entering our kitchen garden so our plants will be happy and not eaten.  Well sadly a bunny had still gotten into our garden.
Also this past week it was my job to clean the upper shelf in the office.  Well if you have been to Backus-Page House Museum you would know that we have a flying stuffed hawk beside our upper shelf.  When I was cleaning the shelf I had sat the hawk down in the front office chair and it looked like the hawk had taken charge of the front desk.  The hawk got an 8/10 for work performance.
Thursday we had an awesome day running our day camp.  If you are interested in signing a little one up for day camp, give us a call at 519-762-3072

That is your weekly Saturday Sightings with Ben the MNR guy.  Hope to see you soon and remember to stay cool.

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