Sunday, July 16, 2017

Behind the Scenes with Sabrina


🌸🌸Behind the Scenes with Sabrina 🌸🌸 

       First off HI , I'm Sabrina Merks, resident of Dutton and I'll be attending St. Lawrence College for musical theatre performance in the fall. You may have seen me in the Elgin County area wearing many hats, such as volunteer at The West Elgin Dramatic Society or have seen me as one of the cashiers at Dutton Foodland, or even possibly as current reining Miss Elgin County Globe. I spent my past year at Sheridan College in the performing arts program and I'm excited to be Assistant Museum Manager for the summer.

      My week at the museum was an entertaining one. At the moment we keep a quote book where we fill it with all the hilarious things we've said this summer. Some of the funny things we have said so far are;
when I was writing my blog on breakfast at the lions den I was confused because I typed the word, HASHBROWN, and then all of a sudden a swiggly line pops up underneath and I ask Angela how its spelt and she goes " one word, at least thats how McDonalds spells it" and the whole office just breaks out in laughter, but I couldn't stand that stupid red squiggle  underneath it so I separate it into two words and call it a dun deal.

         Along with quotes about spelling Angela was hilarious on Wednesday we were all talking about how we had the police go to the lookout because we had thought a car had been left there all weekend. The people had actually just parked in the same spot both days we (meaning Ben) checked it out . We also found out they went behind the fence! DON'T GO BEHIND THE FENCE! Angela was getting really upset, when the people from behind the second fence finally showed up, she asked them why they thought it was okay and their response was "We thought the first fence was a warning" ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! So Angela is telling us about how she waned to respond but didn't actually in the moment "So the first fence is a warning the second means were serious this time ". I would like to say on behalf of everyone at the Backus-Page House Museum. DON'T GO BEHIND THE FENCE. The dangers are very, very real. When you step over that fence, where it says do not step over that fence, at any given time, these cliffs could fall away. You may not realize when people need to be rescued that they are endangering the lives of the firefighters who use ropes to lower themselves down, as well as the firefighters who hold those ropes. So do us all a favour, enjoy the park but don't go behind the fence. 

          This week we also had our day camp, this weeks theme was all about food. Children learned about the other uses for herbs and vegetables, planted seeds and made all sorts of crafts. Its always hard to get work done with the kids everywhere so I stayed in the office and worked on scanning gift forms. A process where I look back from 1996 and scan all the gift forms so we have an electronic copy. 

For the most parts thats been our week. 
Thanks for reading
Sabrina Merks


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