Thursday, December 1, 2016

Ontario Parks Statement regarding Fencing at John E. Pearce Provincial Park

The fencing recently installed at John E. Pearce Provincial Park is necessary to help ensure public safety due to the dangers associated with erosion of the bluffs, as well as to minimize damage to the bluffs by unauthorized access.  The location of the new fence is in accordance with the park’s management plan; the fence replaces an existing, partial fence that was in poor condition, and aims to limit unauthorized public access to the eroding bluffs and other sensitive natural and cultural features.  The fencing will be clearly signed prior to the opening of the park in 2017.
Environmental impacts of this project were assessed in a project screening approved under the Class Environmental Assessment for Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves.  During the screening process, impacts to species at risk, sensitive habitats, archaeological sites, and other wildlife (including deer) were considered; mitigation measures were identified to minimize any potential negative impacts (including identifying a 4 foot high fence that would not impede the movement of deer).
 The parking and picnic area will remain accessible to the park visitors during the park operating season.  Should members of the public wish to access the Lake Erie shoreline, the E.M. Warwick Conservation Area, located west of John E. Pearce Provincial Park, provides a staircase and access to the beach.
 Visitors to John E. Pearce Provincial Park may also be interested to know about the ongoing restoration project in the park.  This work is being undertaken by Ontario Parks and a number of partner organizations to restore wetland function to an area formerly used for agricultural purposes.  Additionally, the Tyrconnell Heritage Society continues to have a significant and positive role in day to day operation and management of the park.

For additional information, contact Rhonda Card, Park Superintendent ‎at 519-874-4691 or<>

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