Saturday, August 6, 2016

Seedy Saturday- More tips on gardening!

More Garden Tips 

          Sheep manure is not as strong as cattle manure and therefore poses less if a threat to burning plants. 
           Remove the bottoms of two-litre plastic pop bottles. Cut 3 or 4 small holes in the shoulders of each bottle. Bury bottles with the funnel ends down between plants (such as tomatoes) so when water is poured into the cut off bottom of the bottle, the water will go directly to the roots. 
            Borders of flowers and herbs planted around vegetable beds are both decorative and beneficial in deterring bugs (e.g. Marigolds, nasturtiums, white and red geraniums basil and others). 


To get real enjoyment from gardening,
 put on a straw hat, dress 
hold a towel in one hand,
 a cool drink in the other and
 tell someone else where to dig! 

Credit to: Rodney Horticultural Society. 

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