Saturday, August 6, 2016

Behind the Scenes with Ben - The Battle for Spicer Trail

The Battle for Spicer Trail

Today we have heard reports that a battle has happened at Backus-Page House on the Spicer Trail.  General Bobier had heard reports that Mother Nature had sent in weed and tall grass divisions to invade what we know as Spicer Tail.
 In response to this General Bobier sent in Captain Buchanan who is under the command of the MNR battalion.  Captain Buchanan’s orders were simple.  Go in to enemy territory on Spicer Tail and destroy any enemy resistance.  Captain Buchanan had put together a small division from the MNR battalion which consisted of Sergeant Weed Wacker, Corporal Hard-Hat, Private First Class Safety Glasses, Private Garden Gloves, and Private Work Boots. 
As Captain Buchanan and his division set out towards Spicer Tail Colonel Leitch was left behind to guard Backus-Page House in case of a full scale invasion from Mother Nature from surrounding areas. 
Captain Buchanan and the MNR division headed into Spicer Tail and the battle lasted for about an hour until Sergeant Weed Wacker suffered an injury and an emergency evacuation was put into action.

Reports say Captain Buchanan and his MNR division have taken back half of Spicer Tail and little resistance remains until Captain Buchanan and his MNR division head back to calm the rest of Spicer Tail.

                                                                               Captain Ben

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Anonymous said...

This is brilliant! It is a comfort to the Motherland that your basic training has served you well. Soldier on soldier! (And beware the perils of trench foot.) Lt Nursing Sister Gordon