Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Transcription Tuesday- James Parker

Good Morning bloggers! Welcome to this week’s Transcription Tuesday! Now this week we will be jumping ahead to a page in the ledger addressed to James Parker. Although the entries before the one we will be discussing today were difficult to investigate. There was no information about their lives in any other entries in any books or online sources. The names of these individuals are George McBath, George Cutter, and Donald McWilliams. Again we would appreciate the help with finding out more about these individuals, so feel free to contact us.
James Parker is the entry in the blacksmith ledger that we are going to be looking at for this week’s Transcription Tuesday. All the information retrieved for this entry is from The book composed by the West Elgin Genealogical and Historical Society, The Early History of Dunwich Township, 2004.

“Dunwich Pier Company” 1861
The Stock Book

The Dunwich Pier Company according to the provisions of a certain Act of parliament of Province entitled and Act 16th Victoria Chap 124. An Act to provide for the formation of Joint Stock companies for the construction of piers, wharves, drydocks and harbours in Tyrconnell for the purpose of constructing a pier.
The Stockholders list was signed by each individual stock holder and was often difficult to read. Though fortunately Mr. James Parkers name was legible and was recorded in the 1861 Census. According to this list Parker had 3 stock shares and according to the book other references to James Parker include one to Concession 10 Lot 16.
That’s it for this week’s Transcription Tuesday. Have a wonderful week and don’t forget to stop in at the Backus-Page house museum for a visit. Bring the kids out and enjoy a picnic, the weather and the local history!


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