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Memory Mondays: John Pearce

John Pearce
by Sandra Sales

Personal Information of 1812 Veteran
Vet ID: 373
Pearce, John
Family Member?
Relation to other Vet ID:
United Empire Loyalist?

Place of Birth
Rhode Island, United States

Place of Death
Tyrconnell   Ontario, British N. America

Location of Grave
St. Peter's Anglican Church Cemetery
Lakeview Line
Wallacetown   Ontario, Canada
Reason for Death:
Approx. age of 73
Date of Death:
23 July 1850

Veteran History
Last Rank Attained: sergeant
Last Regiment, Unit or Faction: 1st Regiment of Middlesex Militia
Report to Officer, Name and Rank: Capt. Leslie Patterson 1812, 1813, 1814, 1815; Capt. David Secord 1812; Capt Gilman Willson 1814
Veteran Biography:

Sergeant John Pearce

John Pearce was born in 1777 in Rhode Island. He moved to Erie Pennsylvania sometime before 1800 and married Frances Patterson. In 1808, he and his brother-in-law Leslie Patterson made a trip to Upper Canada when they learned that tracts of land were opening for settlement. They found the Talbot Settlement on the shore of Lake Erie to be to their liking and Thomas Talbot gave them lots. They brought their families the next year. A worker for Colonel Talbot had already begun to grow crops on Pearce's land prior to their arrival.

In 1822, the Pearce home was used as one of the first schools in the vicinity. The teacher was Thomas Gardiner. Supposedly, Fanny Pearce vacated her large kitchen for the classes. (from "Vanished Villages of Elgin County" by Jennifer Grainger)

It is documented that John Pearce saw action as a member of the militia when it was called out to repel a raid on 20th May, 1814. Because the Talbot Settlement was raided 6 times between November 1813 and November 1814, Pearce was probably called out numerous times.

It is also documented that the Pearce family suffered losses during raids on Port Talbot: a horse, saddle, bridle, harness, sheets and table linen, bedding, beds, coats, wearing apparel, household items, razors, and cash.

John Pearce died 23 July 1850 and is buried in St. Peter's Cemetery, Dunwich Township

More information about the family and the settlement in Dunwich Township can be read in the bio on Colonel Leslie Patterson Veteran number 369 and Thomas Talbot Veteran number 345

Thank you to Sandra Sales for her research and work in honouring our War of 1812 veterans.  

Through the War of 1812 Graveside Project, John Pearce and others will be remembered with a ceremony in St. Peter's Anglican Church Cemetery on Sunday, July 12 at 1pm during Backus-Page House Museum's Living History Weekend July 11-12, 2015

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