Monday, January 19, 2015

Media Monday

Happy Monday!

We have a variety of clubs being started in the month of January. 
The first was discussed on January 5th - the Textile Arts Club. 
The second club that we have organized is called the Family History Club. 
This club will be hosted here at the Backus-Page House Museum starting on 
Tuesday January 27th, 2015. 
And continuing on the FOURTH (last) Tuesday of every month.
The purpose of this club is to provide support, resources and expertise in 
developing a knowledge of your personal Family History. 
Each month a different resource at the museum will be offered to the guests to use, 
for example: the scanner, resource library, ancestry technology, computers and tablets. 
Beginners, intermediate, and expert family history enthusiasts are all welcome!
Meetings are $5.00 each or FREE with a membership to the Backus-Page House Museum.
Coffee, Tea and Water will be available. 

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