Sunday, January 18, 2015

Behind The Scenes Sundays

Found this in the drafts folder from early December 2014, but wanted to publish it anyway. An amusing story is still amusing even after a month.  Sorry for the delay!  by Angela Bobier, Cultural Manager

What a windy week!  Monday afternoon, the hydro kept going off, so we called it an early day because the computers, heat and lights wouldn't stay on.  Good thing we left when we did, because shortly after Sarah and I left the museum the entire area was without hydro.  I couldn't get gas in Dutton and West Lorne was out when I got home.  I assumed everyone's power was back on, but boy was I wrong.  
Tuesday afternoon I arrived at the museum to find out we still didn't have electricity, which also means no heat.  It really was an 1850's afternoon.  I had a meeting with one of our funders who is very impressed with our new media project that adds video, social media, and QR codes to the museum and grounds.  David did some bookkeeping and we joked he was using an abacus to calculate since the battery died on his laptop.  The very nice gentleman from HydroOne took a walk through the park to see if one of the trees was the cause of Lakeview Line's outage, but the lines were fine and no trees were down.  We again called it an early day and stopped at Tall Tales Cafe for the mail, hot chocolate, and some raffle ticket sales.

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