Monday, October 20, 2014

Media Mondays

Harvest Party

The Harvest Party is going to take place here at the museum on October 25th from 1-8pm.
Come on out for spooky tours of the trail and the museum as well as a variety of crafts and games!
We have had a variety of paranormal explorers visit the museum over the summer and we are gearing up to share their stories (as well as some of our own scary experiences) during a spooky tour of the house! Come and learn about the ghosts that reside in the museum and what they have been up to this year!
Also we will have on display our new QR codes for the month of October so don't forget to bring your smart phones to scan them! We plan to pick our more "creepy" items for this month!
Hope to see you all on October 25th!

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