Saturday, September 13, 2014

Service Saturday- Kim Lundberg

This weeks service Saturday features Kim Lundberg from London.  Kim is a member of the Upper Canada Woodland Allies (formerly known as the British Native Allies). The Upper Canada Woodland Allies came to a reenactment in 2001 or 2002 where they camped by the cliff with other indigenous peoples and voyageurs. Kim has been coming to the museum ever since, which means he has been volunteering with the museum for 12-13 years. Kim helps out with reenactments and education days, such as day camp. Kim enjoys the site, the quiet, the morning birds, the flora and fauna, the staff, the organizers and volunteers (who he finds to be very friendly and helpful). He also likes having the opportunity to give input on things such as possibilities to improve events, particularly the length of time spent talking to a group of students, the campsite, the parks etc. The opportunity to help portray history, reenact and talk to various people about indigenous oral history is a major aspect as to why the Backus-Page House Museum is one of Kims favourite sites, he says he loves visiting! 
Thank you Kim for everything you do for the Museum!
Kim giving a presentation at day camp

Backus-Page House Museum

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