Monday, August 11, 2014

Media Monday

Hello Everyone!

For this Monday I would like to share with you our new idea for children visiting the museum. We find that some children get distracted during the tours of the museum and therefore we would like to be able to offer them something fun while they visit - an activity book! We are trying to design reusable activity books geared towards a variety of different age ranges that children can use when they visit the museum. Firstly we would like to design a "busy book" for younger children. This busy book will be made of felt and fabric and include pages from the barn, gardens and the house. Areas throughout the book will be moveable, for example: the garden page will have removable vegetables that children can play with and "plant the garden." The busy books will provide children with puzzles, games and play areas on every page. As for older children we would like to design laminated activity books that can be worked on with dry-erase markers. These books will have an incentive - as children travel through the museum there will be a variety of questions they need to answer… answer all the questions during the tour and children will have the chance to win a prize! Hopefully by the end of this season we will have mock-ups of how these books should look and be able to offer them during the upcoming season!

Below is an example of what we would love to create!

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