Wednesday, February 21, 2018

2017 Outstanding Volunteers at Backus-Page House Museum

The following volunteers assisted us in 2017 for Canada 150 and Ontario 150.  They contributed either 150 minutes or 2017 minutes of volunteer service at Backus-Page House Museum.  I know there are more but I can only go with those who handed in their hours.  If we have missed you, please email the office at  and we will update this post.  Awards of recognition will be presented at the Annual General Meeting on February 28, 2018 at 7pm.

2017 Minutes of Volunteering
Betty Ann Bobier
Don Bobier
Brian Elliott
Sue Crow
Liz Elliott
Janice Ellis
Rob Ellis
Beth Goldsworthy
John Goldsworthy
Larry Grafstein
Paula Grafstein
Betty McLandress
Mike Mulhern
Brad Reive
Edith Richardson
Karen Rose
Catie Welch
Dave Welch
John Bobier
 Barb Summers
Hugh McFadden
Delany Leitch

150 Minutes of Volunteering
Patricia Armstrong
Lynne Brady
Mike Brady
Sam Foreman
Allan Froggatt
Martin Joldersma
Carm Pfeiffer
George Postma
Hetty Postma
Ken Reinke
Susan Chapman-Reinke
Rose Kasimer
Brandi Bawden
Edwina Blakely
Brenda Patterson
Jamie Patterson
Cadence Durward
Allison Potter
Mike Hentz
Ingrid Hentz
Darlene Ford
Jim Ford
Joanne Reive
Corry Bachmeier
Bill King
Marg Hulls
W.D. Shaw

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