Saturday, July 8, 2017

Saturday Sightings - Wait... a Bald Squirrel?

Wait... a Bald Squirrel?
Hello boys and girls it’s me again, Ben the MNR guy giving you your weekly Saturday Sightings!  Backus Page House Museum has been pretty active this week with tours, gardening, and DAY CAMP!  If you are interested or know someone who is interested in signing a little one up for DAY CAMP!  Feel free to give us a call at Backus Page House Museum.

Here at Backus Page House we see a whole bunch of wild life, but our staff here came across one of the coolest looking animals we have ever seen here at Backus Page House Museum.  A bald squirrel!  One of our staff members here had a ten minute stare down with this rare bald squirrel that has been given the name Paul.  We are glad to welcome Paul to the Backus Page House Museum and hopefully the next time your down here at Backus Page House Museum you’ll come say hi to Paul.

That is your weekly Saturday Sightings with Ben the MNR guy.  Hope to see you soon and remember to stay cool.

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