Saturday, July 1, 2017

Saturday Sighting - Our New Friend!!!

Saturday Sighting - Our New Friend!!!

Hey guys it’s me again!!!  I’m Ben Buchanan, back at it again working as the MNR student at Backus Page House Museum.  I have just graduated from St. Joseph Catholic High School.  After the summer I will be going to Fleming College for Police Foundation and then after that I will be going off to University, but anyways on to our annual Saturday sighting.

Well the staff here at Backus Page House Museum is glad to welcome our new furry friend “Stewart Paul Charles the Third” … or Jeremy for short.

How we came across Jeremy was on the morning after our Living History Weekend Event I was cleaning up the garbage bins and someone had put a bag of garbage bag in one of the garbage bins.  Well Jeremy thought that the garbage would be good to eat, so he climbed into the garbage bin but could not get out.  When Jeremy was found the staff called Dave Welch the Vice – President of Backus Page House Museum to help Jeremy get out of the garbage bin.  Dave came to the museum and was able to get Jeremy out of the garbage bin so he could be reunited with his family.  No raccoons were harmed during this rescue mission.

Leave a comment and a like at the bottom and we will see you next Saturday.  Stay cool Canada and happy birthday from the staff at Backus Page House Museum.

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