Sunday, July 2, 2017

Behind The Scenes With Sabrina

🌸Behind The Scenes With Sabrina🌸

         First off HI , I'm Sabrina Merks, resident of Dutton and I'll be attending St. Lawrence College for musical theatre performance in the fall. You may have seen me in the Elgin County area wearing many hats, such as volunteer at The West Elgin Dramatic Society or have seen me as one of the cashiers at Dutton Foodland, or even possibly as current reining Miss Elgin County Globe. I spent my past year at Sheridan College in the performing arts program and I'm excited to be Assistant Museum Manager for the summer. 

Our week was pretty quiet, nothing overly exciting specifically happened we just kept working away on our projects for the summer. Some of my tasks at the museum include cleaning. Which is what we spent most of Tuesday doing because after living history weekend it was really dirty. We also had Ben our MNR student build us some home made fly traps. Which sort of worked, in the end we just continued with relentless cold blooded murder with fly swatters to kill most of them. 

Other tasks thats I've been working on this week are completing the video advertisement for the Civil War re-enactment and our Christmas dinner. Come to the Backus-Page House Museum July 29th and 30th! For our Civil War enactment. Canadians were largely opposed to slavery, the conservation of which was the main goal of the Confederate States of America, and Canada had recently become the consummation of the Underground Railroad. Close economic and cultural links across the long border also encouraged Canadian sympathy towards the Union. Between 33,000 and 55,000 men from British North America enlisted in the war, almost all of them fighting for Union forces. 
The more you know ?!

Along with the Civil War event, I've been creating a menu for our christmas dinner. This years theme is Confederation, and I was actually able to find menus from meetings our fathers of Confederation had. Some of the food I may be including are; mock turtle soup, roast mutton and lemon ice for dessert. If you're interested in attending our Christmas dinner visit our website for more information! 

Yesterday was Canada Day and we spent it in Dutton Dunwhich  with a booth that was full of goodies and exciting info. We brought part of our Canadian exhibit with us, along with a photo booth where we got a lot of great and cute photos of people who all came together to celebrate Canada's 150th! To top it off I also was able to sing our national anthem and open the ceremony in the park. 

Thats all for my week at Backus-Page House Museum. 
Thanks for reading 
Sabrina Merks 

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