Friday, May 26, 2017

Family History Resources

This week I thought I would share some online resources that I subscribe to for tips and tricks when researching genealogy.  
Image result for ontario genealogical society logoFirst you should become a member of your local branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society.  The OGS sends an email to their members each Saturday filled with lots of articles, upcoming workshops and more.  Local branches usually have a monthly email and a meeting, usually with a speaker.  I suggest joining your local branch and maybe the one or two where you are currently researching.  Most branches have members only resources you can access to assist with your family tree.  Here's the link to the Elgin County Branch.     

Image result for british home child group international logoYou may have an ancestor who was a British Home Child, sent to Canada between 1869-1948.  Join the British Home Child Group International which is free.  Here's a link to their latest newsletter.  Find out how the BHC system worked (or didn't in some cases) and view the database and see if one of your ancestors is there or should be there.

Image result for ancestry logo  Are you a user of (or .com)?  I highly recommend watching their YouTube videos especially for the monthly What's New at Ancestry.  They add new features on a regular basis and it's important to know what those are because it could help you break through a brick wall.  My favourite YouTuber in this area is Crista Cowan, the Barefoot Genealogist.  Just search "Barefoot Genealogist" and watch whatever videos come up.  You will learn so much, but don't get caught up in binge watching.  Watch one or two and put that knowledge into action, then come back for a couple more.  I believe she works for or with Ancestry so she is a great resource.

Hope these three ideas assist you in your research.  Don't forget that we have an archives here at Backus-Page House Museum, along with a small library and the holdings of the West Elgin Genealogical & Historical Society.  All these are available during regular operating hours or by appointment.
- Angela Bobier, Cultural Manager

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