Sunday, September 4, 2016

Behind The Scenes With Ben - The Last Blog

The Last Blog
This past week at Backus-Page House we’ve been busy getting prepared for our Farm Show that is September 10th and September 11th.  We have put together carnival games, cleaned up the grounds and have brought out the tent poles that are ready to be put together. 

From my last post I had said who I named our scarecrows after.  Each scarecrow was named after someone who was important to Canadian history.  Our scarecrow Brock is named after a British Officer whose name was Sir Isaac Brock and who was very important to Canadian History in the War of 1812.  Our other scarecrow Kim is named after Canada’s first female Prime Minister Kim Campbell.

Sadly this is my last blog post for the year, thank-you for reading and also reading my past blog post.  See you later from the MNR.


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