Monday, August 1, 2016

Nature Vs MNR Summer Staff: Behind the Scenes with Ben

Some people call me a janitor, the weeds call me the devil, and the garden calls me there savor.  But really I just like to be known as the MNR.  With this job you got to be ready to deal with any situation.  The job can go anywhere for bathroom cleaning to trying to avoid lime disease from ticks when out in the woods. 
During this week the biggest thing that happened was we had a sport car sit for four days straight in our park parking lot.  Thankful to our comrades in the OPP found the owner and the owner has moved his car.  For some reason the owner of the sport car didn’t want to donate his car to our staff lol.  Shout out to our police officers who are keeping our parks and cities save.
MNR was also given a task from Mother Nature.  Mother Nature tried to blow down a tree during the night but wasn’t able to blow it down to the ground.  Instead she got it to hang over the roadway at the park.  Well that endangers our guests who are entering the park, so the MNR took a saw and cut down and moved the tree out of harm’s way.  Shout out to our volunteer Ken who was a huge help in this MNR operation.
That’s all for this week folks.  Eh do me a favor and come down to Backus-Page House and John E. Pearce Park and say hi to the staff down here and have and tour the Backus-Page House and the trail we have to offer. 

From: Ben, MNR Summer Staff 


Simon said...

Hey that is a nice straight looking tree. Any chance of setting it aside to season for a few seasons and using it in a sawyers demonstration in a future event?

Tyrconnell Heritage Society said...

Hi Simon,

Unfortunately all trees that fall down or are cut become wildlife habitat in the park. Basically we leave them to break down on their own. We do have some wood off site that we could bring in and we are looking for demonstrations for the Heritage Farm Show on September 10-11. Contact the office 519-762-3072