Sunday, August 21, 2016

Behind The Scenes With Ben - A New Arrival

A New Arrival

There has been a new arrival at Backus-Page House.  We have now grown our staff size from three to five in a matter of four and a half hours.  Our newest employee’s names are Brock and Kim.  They are both every intelligent people even though they don’t have a brain, they’re amazing at doing nothing but just hanging around and doing nothing, and they don’t talk much.  They are Backus-Page House’s newest scarecrows!!!!!!!!!  They also both have every important name.
        Sense Backus-Page House is big into history; both Brock and Kim were named after people who were both important and unique in Canadian history.  Comment blow if you know who their named after and why they are important and/or unique to Canadian history.  
        Find out next week who Brock and Kim are named after.
Brock is named after a British Officer who was born October 6th 1769.  This officer was killed in the war of 1812.
Kim is named after a Canadian Politian who was born March 10th 1947.  This Lady is still alive to this day.

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