Thursday, July 21, 2016

Living History Weekend at Backus-Page House Museum

     Interested in military history? Passionate about supporting local events and making the most of the place we call home? Don't have air conditioning at home and looking for a cool lake breeze? Whatever your motivation, we are looking forward to having you join us this weekend for our Living History event. At just $6.00 per day, it promises to be an amazing trip back in time at great value!

     Gates open at 10:00 AM both days and will remain that way until 5:00 that evening. In the meantime, there will be lots to see and do. Check out the following agenda for more details:

10:00 AM- Gates Open
10:15- Flag Raising (a Civil War era military ceremony performed by uniformed re-enactors)
11:00- Civil War Surgeon
11:30- Rate of Fire Demonstration
12:30- 'For a Cause Beyond Borders': An Original Story of Elgin County in the U.S. Civil War, performed by Seamus Gunn
1:30- Civil War Surgeon
2:00- WWII Field Training Session
3:00- Sing-Along
3:30- Drill Comparison
4:00- Rate of Fire Demonstration
5:00- Retire the Flag

10:00- Gates Open
10:15- Flag Raising (a Civil War era military ceremony, performed by uniformed re-enactors)
11:00- 1860s Worship Service
12:00- 'The Best Navy that Never Sailed': An Original Story of Elgin County and the Fenian Raids, performed by Seamus Gunn
1:00- Civil War Surgeon
1:30- WWII Field Training Session
2:00- Drill Comparison
3:00- Rate of Fire Demonstration
4:00- Sing-Along
5:00- Retire the Flag

Besides those events, there will be Pioneer Crafts with Bard Judith, Old-Timey Stories with Granny Laura, local author Al McGregor, Pioneer Storyteller Seamus Gunn, the temporary exhibit Historic Unmentionables (located in the house), plus an appearance by Queen Victoria herself!

Also, don't miss out on:

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See you this weekend!

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