Saturday, May 7, 2016

Seedy Saturdays- The White Trillium

Happy Saturday Everyone!  Today's blog is about a flower that we should all recognize quite easily.

The Trillium is a perennial flowering plant that can be seen in early Spring throughout forests in North America and Asia.  We have them in John E. Pearce Provincial Park each year and they are always lovely to behold.  This is a delicate plant, however, as it can be killed by having parts picked off. 

In this province, it is illegal to injure the white trillium in any way, unless you are a public works employee carrying out your job on public land or a private citizen carrying out “necessary work” on land that you own or lawfully occupy.  Ontario law also protects the rare drooping trillium, because of its very small population numbers.  Humans are not the only threat to the trillium however, as high white tail deer can severely decrease or eliminate a population in an area. 

I’m sure you have come to notice that the white trillium is the official flower of the province of Ontario, as well as this provinces government.  It is also the official wildflower of Ohio and interesting enough, the Toronto and Columbus teams in the Major Soccer League compete with each other over the Trillium Cup.

Have a great rest of your weekend. 

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