Friday, April 29, 2016

Local WW1 Servicemen Photos Needed

In June, there will be a commemoration event on the 100th anniversary of local participation in WW1 to be held in St. Thomas.  We are assisting by compiling photographs and addresses (at the time) of those locals who served.  Could you take a moment to look through this partial list and see if you have any information, letters or artefacts of these men?  
Send anything you have, particularly photographs and their address, to Angela at  We will be putting together a slideshow and table display for the event in St. Thomas.  Watch for more blog posts with lists from different local towns.  We thank you in advance for your help.  

Josh. Bertram
Chester Bell
Russell Braddon
A.J. Boyle
Thos. Campbell
Leslie Clark
George Doolittle
Wm. Doolittle
John A. Graham
John L. Graham
Duff B. Gow
George Hefford
Albert Hicks
John Johnson
Don Kirkland
Arch. Kerr
H. Locke
Leroy Lacey
Florence Lyons
Adair Mills
Wm. Mitton
Wm. McNernie
Thos. Osborne
Albert Spearing
Frank Strong
Jos. Welch

Photograph and location of their resident at time of enlistment needed.  Send this post along to family, friends, and community members who may be relations.  

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