Saturday, January 9, 2016

Saturday Sightings- The Blue Jay

Happy Saturday Everyone!  This weeks blog is about our Ontario baseball teams mascot.

This species of bird is native to North America, breeding in both deciduous and coniferous forests and commonly found near, and in, residential areas.  Its body is mostly blue with a white chest and a blue crest.  Around its neck is a black U-shaped collar and there is a black border behind the crest.  The blue jay feeds on nuts and seeds mainly, soft fruits and occasionally small vertebrates. 

This bird got its name from its noisy nature.  It is bold, noisy and aggressive, sometimes called a “jaybird.”  It can be beneficial to other birds however, as it may chase predatory birds and will scream if it sees one within its territory, much like sounding an alarm when danger is  near, which smaller birds often recognize.  On the other side, blue jays have been known to attack smaller birds as well unfortunately.  They are considered highly curious and intelligent birds, and in old African American folklore, the blue jay was considered a servant of the Devil.

Fun fact: The blue jay is the provincial bird of Prince Edward Island, Canada. 

Take care!

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