Saturday, November 14, 2015

Seedy Saturdays- The Tulip Tree

Happy Saturday Everyone!  Today we continue learning about the trees of our area.  Most are probably bare now, but let's remember them in their prime.  

This tree gets its name from the large flowers that resemble tulips, but the Latin Liriodendron actually means “lily tree.”  Tulip wood is referred to as simply "poplar", although not related to the true poplars.  The tulip tree can grow to a great size, sometimes exceeding 50 m (164 ft) in height.

The wood of the American species of tulip tree is easy to work, and used often for cabinet and furniture framing. The wood is only moderately rot-resistant, so is not commonly used in shipbuilding, however the nickname “canoewood” is most likely in reference to the tree's use for construction by eastern Native Americans to build their dugout canoes.

Fun fact: the upstairs floors in the Backus-Page House Museum are made of tulip wood. 

Have a great following week!

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