Monday, September 21, 2015

Memory Mondays- The Pearce Homestead

In 1809, John S. Pearce settled in the Dunwich area, along with the Backus, Storey and Patterson families.  Pearce purchased 200 acres of land in 1813 from Colonel Talbot and the house still on the property today was built in 1874.  The basement was often used for baking, with one fireplace there and two more on the main level.  There are two staircases in the house that lead to an upstairs with 8 bedrooms and 2 hallways.  The walls of the home are 3 bricks thick made from clay from the farm, and the foundation was made from farm stones and mortar.  It is a beautiful home that overlooks Lake Erie and has a great deal of history.  Have a great week and take care!

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John Pearce said...

Great building - my name is John S Pearce! Would love to visit..