Saturday, August 22, 2015

Saturday Sightings- Easter Tiger Swallowtails

Happy Saturday everyone!  The Easter Tiger Swallowtail is the creature we are going to be learning about today.

This species is native to Eastern North America and is one of the most common butterflies.  The adults feed on nectar of many flowers, but mostly those that are a part of the dogbane, daisy and legume families.

The male Easter Tiger Swallowtail is yellow with four black stripes, similar to tiger stripes, on each fore wing.  The females are either black or yellow, making them dimorphic.  The yellow morph is very similar to the male, but the female has blue spots along the hind wing.  The dark morph is completely black.  These butterflies lay green eggs on plants.

Take care!

Catie and Ben

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