Saturday, July 4, 2015

Seedy Saturday- Sage

Happy Saturday everyone!  Today is about a well-known herb.


Sage is native to the Mediterranean area, which includes France, Italy, Turkey and Greece.  It was considered sacred by the ancient Romans and was collected with a special ceremony in which the special sage gatherers, dressed in white, would bring sacrifices of bread and wine as they took the sage. 

 Sage has been used since ancient times for warding off evil, snakebites, increasing women's fertility, and more.  It also had a high reputation throughout the Middle Ages for its healing properties, sometimes being called “sage the savior.”  It was also one of the ingredients of Four Thieves Vinegar, which was supposed to ward off the plague in Europe. 

It was recommended by Culpepper, a 17th century herbalist in England, for use in helping one to urinate, helping one’s hair to turn black and for helping cure pains in the joints and head.  In reference to the head, he also thought it would help memory. In North America, this herb was most commonly grown to flavour food, with the leaves most often found with turkey stuffing, but was also used to help medically treat gastrointestinal upsets and mouth ulcers.
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