Sunday, July 26, 2015

Behind The Scenes of Beds, Baths, and Beyond #12

·       Most didn’t wash their hair very often, but there were other ways of keeping it “healthy.”  Women brushed their hair more than 100 times a day to make it shiny.  To treat dandruff, they rubbed bran into their scalp.
·       Brushing and combing your hair would dislodge dirt and also spread the natural oils and fluids across the length of the hair, improving its conditions. 
·       As the century developed, the habit of washing one’s hair with water began to be promoted.  A range of washes for the hair were widely recommended, most of which were relatively basic.  Rosemary water was particularly popular. It removed more grease than just water. 

·       By the 1840s, occasional washing of men’s hair with water was creeping in, led by women, who had adopted the process first.  For most, it meant a swill around in cold water to dislodge the dust and dirt, but some were willing to risk soap, although it did tend to leave the scalp sore in some people. 

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