Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Transcription Tuesday's- James Bates

Good morning! Last week for Transcription Tuesday we found out a little bit about George Matheson. This week in the blacksmith’s ledger we will be looking at a page that was assigned to Mr. James Bates. According to Armstrong’s county of Elgin Directory for 1872, recording who would have resided in Tyrconnell at the time states that Bates was a farmer.

We could not find a great amount of information about James Bates other than that he was a local farmer. So we would like to ask that if you have any further information about him or the family, to please feel free to contact us. It would be much appreciated, as the local history of Tyrconnell is an important part of where we live today. The first entry on the James Bate page is November 12th, 1867 and the last being September 22nd, 1868.

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