Thursday, June 18, 2015

Events to attend @ the Backus-Page House Museum

The tradition of celebrating fathers day moved to Canada from the US. Some people celebrate their fathers by wearing a rose, to show their gratitude for their father. There are many beliefs of how this tradition actually started, however, there is no real proof or evidence as to exactly when fathers day came to be. One of the beliefs is the celebration of fathers first started thanks to the hard work of Sonora Louise Smart Dodd of Washington. She believed since there was already a day set aside specifically for the celebration of mothers that there should also be a day specifically dedicated to the celebration of fathers. A second belief is a little boy, by the name of Elmesu, carved his father a note out of clay about 4000 years ago, wishing him good health and a long life. Many countries built off of Elmesu's note to his father and soon after dedicated a day to the celebration of fathers.
Regardless of how the tradition of fathers day started, it is important to show appreciation to fathers everywhere.
Show appreciation to your father by bringing him to the Backus-Page House Museum. Experience the history of 1850 together while getting a tour of the 1850's house. The welcoming atmosphere and scenic views at the museum is the perfect environment to celebrate your father. The Backus-Page House Museum is open on fathers day 12-4:30!

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