Thursday, June 11, 2015

Events to attend @ the Backus-Page House Museum

The roaring twenties were known to be 'roaring' because there was an economic and industrial boom! Products were being produced to meet demand, including the automobile industry. Fun fact, by 1929 there were over one million cars in Canada! 
 This week's upcoming event at the Backus-Page House Museum is the Classic Car Cruise! This Sunday, June. 14th, 2015 a group of classic cars from the 1920's will be stopping at the museum between 11:00am and noon. Be sure to come out to the museum to check out the variety of cars and have a tour of the house, built in 1850. Admiring the 1920's cars is an exciting bonus for our visitors! This also means that the museum will be opening at 11:00am on Sunday, opposed to our normal weekend opening time, 12:00pm. Be sure to come check out the museum and 1920's cars!

Crossley 25/30
1920 Premier Model 6-D Seven Passenger Touring

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