Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Connect, Inspire and Share at Historic House Museums

From an article by George W. Daniel, titled "At Historic Houses and Buildings: Connecting Past, Present and Future" in the Public Programming course I am currently taking.

"We are called to strive to connect people with their history and to help them thereby achieve a sense of belonging to a larger community, of belongonging to those who came before and to those who will come after.
My belief is that historic house museums can play a central role in supporting this effort and can both educate the public about history and inspire them to become engaged in the study and preservation of history.  If they set their sights high, house museums can communicate an authentic sense of place about their region and help people develop a sense of connectedness to others and strengthen the sense of worth and responsibility that goes with that.
Historic house museum can do these things because they bring history to people in both tangible and abstract ways and thereby meet a deeply felt human need."

This sums up everything I believe about our beloved Backus-Page House Museum, outbuildings, and gardens.  When you visit I'm hoping you make a connection to the land, the house, staff, volunteers, items in the house or the stories we show and tell.  I want you to feel that you belong.  That the connection you get here inspires you to be closer to past and present generations and become involved in preserving all forms of history for future generations.

A quote I love is "In the end all history is personal."  You may visit here and be inspired to pass along an important personal object and its story to a family member or friend, which is just as important as being inspired to donate objects to a museum, volunteer your time, research your family tree, write a book or make a historic documentary.  

May what we do here at Backus-Page House Museum and Tyrconnell Heritage Society, give you a sense of belonging and inspire you to pass your personal history on.

Angela Bobier, Cultural Manager

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