Sunday, May 10, 2015

Behind the Scenes of Beds, Baths & Beyond #1

Beds, Mattresses, Trundles & Day Beds

Beds & Mattresses
The most commonly seen beds had square or turned posts of mid height, attached to the headboard and footboard with removable pieces.  Ropes or planks were used for supporting the mattress.  You would have had to frequently tighten the ropes to prevent sagging, which coined the term “sleep tight”.
 Mattresses would be stuffed with straw, corn husks, or any suitable plant materials and required frequent changing. 

Pictured is a rope bed from inside the Backus-Page House Museum.
Trundle Bed
Underneath you will notice a trundle, truckle, trumble, or hurly-bed attached to casters.  This is a great space saving way to add more sleeping area.
 “By the time the dishes were all wiped and set away, the trundle bed was aired. Then, standing one on each side, Laura and Mary straightened the covers, tucked them in well at the foot and the sides, plumped up the pillows and put them in place. Then Ma pushed the trundle bed into its place under the big bed.”
Laura Ingalls Wilder, Little House in the Big Woods  

Day Bed
 The Day Bed could be used as a bed for sleeping or for sitting and lounging.

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