Monday, March 9, 2015

Media Mondays

Media Monday

Happy Monday Everyone!

In adding to last Mondays post I have continued to stumble across a variety of books
which help to shed light on the history of our surrounding areas. My most recent find is titled "Vanished Villages of Elgin," by Jennifer Grainger.
This book was published in 2008 and I am amazed that I have yet to read it!
I researched parts of this book through Google Books and I was able to read sections on
Aldborough Township, Port Talbot and Tyrconnell!

I found this book to be very interesting because not only does it discuss a variety of interesting places that no longer exist in our area but it also includes a variety of primary source documentation like maps, photos and surveys. The sections on Port Talbot and Tyrconnell are very accurate and interesting to read. I enjoyed reading the history of Port Talbot and how the property came to be privately owned and the past projects that were planned for it. I also enjoyed the images detailing the Pearce family homestead from 1877. Lastly, another part of the book that I found extremely interesting was the mention of the underground railroad and how many fugitives found refuge on the shores of Port Talbot, Stanley and Burwell.
Overall, this is a very interesting read for any local history enthusiasts and I hope to eventually purchase this book for the museum library because it is an excellent and interesting resource to have!

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