Monday, March 23, 2015

Media Mondays

Media Mondays

Happy Monday!

For this Media Monday post I would like to add onto my post from last week - discussing Lake Erie. Through reading parts of Ron Brown's book - The Lake Erie Shore: Ontario's Forgotten South Coast, I came across some information regarding the various shipwrecks that can be found at the bottom of Lake Erie. I did some research and came across a few interesting websites and documents that showcase some of these shipwrecks. The first website had 4 very plain maps that listed numbers that coincided with shipwrecks described below the map. I used these maps to figure out what areas were close and researched the numbers that were close on the map.
The above link will take you to Map B - which is the closest to our area.
Numbers that I researched are as follows: 130 and 131. 
The first listing at 130 is the shipwreck - "Groton" which was a 136ft Schooner which sank on November 11th, 1897. This ship was said to be at anchor outside Talbot, Ontario and sank during a storm. All crew were rescued. 
Another interesting one was 131 - "Mountaineer" which was a 2 masted schooner that was 58ft which sank July 31, 1882 near Port Glasgow, Ontario. The ship was said to have ran aground and was smashed by gales during a storm. 

In researching these and other shipwrecks I have discovered various websites that have given me extra information. The first website is:
This will take you to shipwrecks starting with "M," at the bottom of the webpage you can navigate through different letters to discover different shipwrecks. 

Another interesting website that offered me primary resources during my research process was:
This website will take you to information regarding the Groton that I discussed briefly above. It will show you the various newspaper clippings from the year that discuss the shipwreck! 
You can navigate through this website using the search bar at the top of the webpage. 

Overall, my investigation into the shipwrecks that are close to our location has just begun. I plan to research more thoroughly and discover more about the shipwrecks in Lake Erie! 

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