Monday, March 16, 2015

Media Mondays

Media Mondays

Happy Monday!

I continue to discover a variety of great books for anyone interested in learning more about our local area. I have already posted a book in the past by author Ron Brown, titled
"Ontario's Ghost Town Heritage."
However, Ron Brown has written extensively on Ontario and I have discovered
another interesting read written by him titled,
 "The Lake Erie Shore: Ontario's Forgotten Southern Coast."

This book allowed for an extensive preview on Google Books which allowed for me to read a good chunk of the beginning (just enough to get me hooked)! I really enjoyed the beginning of the book which discusses how Lake Erie came to be formed and the myths of a monster which lurks beneath its surface. It also gave some interesting facts about the many shipwrecks that have occurred and remain at the bottom of the lake. It has helped to direct my attention in the direction of the shipwrecks to discover which ones are close to our area. The book also includes a section titled: "Erie's Ghost Coast: The Forgotten Ports." In this section many local area ports are mentioned including, Talbot, Tyrconnell, Eagle, and Port Glasgow. Unfortunately the preview ends before I am able to read into the information on the above said locations but I did see a few interesting images including one of the Talbot Estate before demolition! Overall, this book leads more to the investigation of Lake Erie as a whole and adds an interesting spin on the history of our local area.

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