Monday, February 16, 2015

Media Monday

Happy Family Day 2015
I hope everyone is having a wonderful day with their families and friends!
Family was very important to people in the 1850s - especially on the farm. Families were much bigger than those today but more children were needed to ensure the work was done! Children started chores on the farm as soon as they were able and many children continued to help on the farm until they were married and left home (females) or some even continued the farm long after their parents had gone (males).
Families did much more together than simply work - they also spent time together like families today. Story telling was a favourite past time - usually older family members (grandparents/parents) would sit near the fire (especially in the winter) and the children would gather around the warmth. Here the grandparents/parents would create wondrous and fantastical stories that they would share with the younger children - these could range from fairytales, myths, legends, spooky tales, or simply stories from their childhoods back in Europe!

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