Monday, January 26, 2015

Media Monday

Happy Last Monday of January 2015
What would people in the 1850s do in the dead of winter?
Life goes on regardless of the season in the 1850s.
Animals would still be needing tended to, fed and watered on a regular basis.
Although there would be no crops to harvest at this time of year,
 many other activities would take place to ensure food on the table.
Crops harvested in the fall would be kept safe for this time of year to ensure meals for the family. Another activity that would take place to ensure protein during the winter would be ice fishing - being so close to the lake the family here at the museum would have easily been able to fish through the ice.
People also hunted regularly during the winter - a popular practice was rabbit hunting.
Other than ensuring food throughout the winter the family also participated in a variety of winter activities which could include repairing or maintaining outbuildings, fences and the home.
Many would also take the time to attempt and make their boots waterproof using
beeswax, pitch, and tallow all mixed together.
Without this practice the onslaught of frostbite was almost certain throughout the winter months.
Winter during the 1850s was harsh and rough but pioneers here survived it
through hard work, family and perseverance!

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