Wednesday, November 12, 2014

World War Wednesdays: A Humble Apology

Dear Readers,
       As I write this on the evening of Remembrance Day, I am filled with much emotion and many thoughts, which I have not had the chance to fully process. I feel as though it would not do justice to the occasion for me to attempt to write an entry regarding the day. I hope that you can understand this, that I have no intention of dramatizing or making this a personal issue. I want this to be done right, and for that I just need some more time to reflect. So please, look forward to next week's entry, where I will describe being at the National War Memorial during the 2014 Remembrance Day ceremony. In the meantime, I have included a small sample of the photos I was able to take today.
        Thank you for reading and understanding,

Veterans arrive as part of the parade, with the guards in behind
The Memorial, with the trails in the sky from the flyover
The wreath placed by an extremely special guest... more on this next week (along with what the card says)
The Memorial as seen from the tomb of the unknown soldier during the public poppy placing ceremony

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