Monday, November 3, 2014

Media Monday

Happy Monday Everyone!
Already November - fall is almost over!
We had quite the wrap-up here at the museum - the Harvest Party - as discussed last Monday! However, since then I have been busy planning things for next year!
We have some very exciting ideas to add and continue doing at the annual Harvest Party... there has even been some talk about the possibility of having a catapult for pumpkins which would be amazing in our back field! As was stated the Harvest Party was successful for the second year in a row and we hope to continue having the event for years to come.
Please see our video attached below that showcases some of the crafts we completed, games we had and a quick look at our spooky tour of the museum!
We all had lots of fun hosting this event and if you are interested in attending or helping out please don't hesitate to contact us! 519-762-3072

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