Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I Love the 50's! Transportation

Ways of Transportation

The railroad was a popular way for traveling during the 1850's. Steam boats and Keel boats were also used. Keel boats were used for transporting people and goods. These boats would travel on smaller rivers, where as the steam boats would use bigger bodies of water. Financially well off families had access to a horse and buggy, although you still could not travel long distances using this method. 
People were able to access cars as a way of transportation in the 1950's! Gas for the cars cost approximately 18 cents for a gallon. For those that couldn't afford to purchase a car, they had the option of using the subway. Toronto purchased their subway cars from the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom would then ship them across the Atlantic Ocean. Another way of travel was by bus. 1950's buses were very long and had many windows in them. Of course the railway was still a way of transportation in the 1950's, however, it had undergone improvements. The trains up until the 1950's were steam whistle trains, where as in the 1950's trains began to be fueled by diesel. 
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