Saturday, August 16, 2014

Service Saturday- David Welch

This weeks service Saturday features David Welch! David is from Dutton and has been volunteering with the Backus-Page House Museum for three years now. He became involved with the museum through a friend. David has helped out with events such as the War of 1812 event, farm show, and whatever maintenance is needed around the museum. David enjoys the Backus-Page house museum because he thinks it is neat to have something in the area that teaches the historical background of our community. David also likes the atmosphere at the museum, he says it is a great place to visit. Although David helps out with whatever is needed, he particularly enjoys the farm show because he grew up on a farm.
Thank you David for all of your hard work and help you provide to the museum!
David Welch with his son, Michael and daughter, Catie.

Kelsey Conway
Backus-Page House Museum 

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